Argus Productions


Registered Australian Business Number: 12 193 538 935. Argus is a media/communications company that specializes in video and still production and events management. Argus works in the news, diplomatic and aid industry, providing high quality media production for VIP visits, project documentation, information-videos and arts and sporting events. Argus now focuses the majority of our projects on youth based projects, with particular focus on psycho-social-healing activities in the Middle East.


Argus mission is:

  • To provide high-level media production for both the international and local audience.
  • To work with and where possible employ local staff.
  • To give a platform to local artist to express themselves
  • To give youth access to sport & arts in a safe environment
  • To give a special platform to female participants in a comfortable environment
  • To invite region and international participants to exchange cultures and ideas

Project History


  • Hosted Afghanistan’s first ever Afghan rock band Kabul Dreams on stage at Reuters Office
  • Commenced mentoring Afghanistan’s first ever afghan metal band District Unknown
  • Organised White City band, to play in 2 military camps in Mazar e Sharif [Swede and Norwegian]
  • Performed concert at the US Embassy for 4th of July celebrations
  • Performed at the British Ball at the UK Embassy
  • Videographer for UNICEF, documenting VIP visits and Wash program


  • Hosted the countries first ever Battle of the Bands: 6 bands competing for the title of Kabul’s best band
  • Organised concert at the US Embassy for departure of deputy ambassador
  • Organised over 10 rock concerts around Kabul for the local bands
  • Organised concert at the Finish Embassy


  • Organised, GIZ & Teichman Brothers, musical workshops and concerts around Kabul
  • Hosted the countries first ever alternative music festival: Sound Central Festival 2011 at

Barg e Bur Gardens. 8 musical groups played to over 500 people

  • Organised separate concerts of District Unknown, Morcha, Lap-o-Jap and Kabul Dreams at Institute France Afghanistan
  • Organised the Future Shorts Film Festival at Institute France Afghanistan
  • Orgainsed the Secret Cinema Screening at underground location in Kabul
  • Shot video footage for the TV series ‘Kabul at Work’, episodes: The Driving Instructor, The Female MP, The Graffiti Artist, The Postman, The Checkpoint Guard, The Quran Maker, The Mayor
  • Organised over 20 concerts around Kabul for the local bands


  • Hosted [the now annual] alternative arts festival Sound Central Festival 2012 at the Institute France Afghanistan. 24 for artists took part in the 3 day event, to an audience of 1600. One day was dedicated to women. The festival includes arts such as: film, dance, theatre, live painting, photography, jewelry.
  • Organized concert at the US Ambassadors Residence. 12 musical groups played on the roof top of the US Embassy
  • Organised the benefit exhibition for Afghanistan’s first ever female graffiti artist Shamsia at the Canadian Embassy
  • Stage assistant to the Ted-X Kabul event
  • Organised the UNODC ‘Unite Against Drugs’ Concert with Pakistan pop band Noori, plus several other local and international acts at the Institute France Afghanistan
  • Shot video footage for the TV series ‘Afghanistan at Work’, episodes: The Governor Sherzai


  • Shot and edited a 13 hour workshop video for Building Markets, funded by the Canadian Embassy
  • Hosted the 3rd Sound Central Festival. Over 4 days, 32 music groups and 23 visuals artists presented work to an audience of 2594 people [80% Afghan]. Within the program they hosted a Women’s Only Day, with female only audience, press and female performers. There was over 550 females that participated in this event. Beside music the program included, photography, painting, live graffiti painting, poetry slam, skateboarding, bicycle school, women’s handy crafts, fashion shows and puppetry.
  • Hosted painting exhibition of Berang Art Association at the Dutch Embassy
  • Stage manager, Waterloo Show Dorset UK, music technician for event
  • Hosted We are Balloons Project at the Dutch Embassy


Presidential Election Anthem Contest

Organised Afghanistan first ever song contest based on the 2014 Presidential Elections. The Afghan youth were encouraged to write songs about participating in the elections [voting]. From the competition 8 finalists were chosen and 2 winners were selected [1 male, 1 female]. Their songs were re-recorded and a video clip was shot to go with. The winning songs were broadcast on national TV, radio and globally on the web up until the election date of 05.04.14. The campaign was covered by many press; BBC, The Atlantic, Vice, AFP, Tolo and TV1 to mention a few. The event was sponsored by USIP and the Dutch, British, Canadian and Swiss Embassies.

Beruit and Beyond International Music festival.

Argus provided technical, logistical and advisory support to the festival as it hosted musical performers from South Africa, Mali, Algeria, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Norway.


Lebanese Extreme sport Championships

Present by DC shoes, with support from Red Bull and with our local partner 360 SkatePark, Argus hosted the final for skateboards, Roller Blades and BMX for both the under 15 and 16 and over categories. The event hosted over 300 participants and trophies were present by the president of German NGO Skateaid.

Grants / Funding Awards

Embassies: US, Swiss, Australian, Czech, Dutch, Canadian, Estonian, British, French, Polish

Portfolio of Clients

Video / TV

  • BBC World News
  • Nation Geographic Adventure
  • Al Jazeera
  • Fox News
  • NBC
  • CNN
  • French Canal Plus
  • ABC Australia
  • Global Post
  • The National
  • BBC Persia
  • AtWork Productions
  • CCTV
  • CBS
  • Reuters


  • National Geographic, US
  • Der Spiegel, Germany
  • Sunday Times UK
  • The Times London
  • The Guardian
  • The National, UAE
  • Telegraph UK
  • Le Figaro, France
  • El Mundo, Span
  • Ya Dona, Italy
  • La Stampa, Italy
  • Corriere della Sera, Italy
  • New Statesmen, US
  • The Age, Australia
  • Sydney Morning Herald
  • Deutsche Welle, Germany
  • Grazia, Italy
  • UK Adidas
  • Nokia, UK
  • Rugby World
  • Marie Claire France
  • Courrier Japon, Japan
  • Dagbladet Information, Holland
  • Danas, Serbia
  • Financial News, London
  • House and Garden, UK
  • Wentworth, UK
  • Barclays Bank, UK
  • McCain, UK
  • T-Mobile, UK
  • Escada, UK
  • Oracle, 2012 Olympic Events, UK
  • Kosovo 2.0

Aid / Humanitarian

  • CURE International
  • British Council
  • Turquoise Mountain Foundation
  • ARETE Stories
  • YWCA – Lebanon
  • CIDA – Canadian Embassy
  • Medicine Du Monde
  • Agha Khan Foundation
  • T.Z & G.I.Z
  • A.A.D
  • Border/DWATT
  • American University of Afghanistan
  • Health Prom
  • S.I.P
  • Halo Trust
  • ANAD
  • A.D.O
  • Mountain 2 Mountain
  • Building Markets / Peace Dividend Trust
  • HealthProm
  • Tag Rugby Trust
  • Afghan Aid
  • Women for Afghan Women (WAW)
  • Afghanistan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP)
  • Aschiana


  • ABC Radio
  • 3-RRR
  • ABC TV
  • 3-JJJ
  • 3-CR
  • NPR
  • 2-SER
  • Arman-FM
  • Tolo Radio





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