AFG_2013-05-04_SCF13 Crew-sml

Argus could not do the ground breaking work we do, without amazing people to collaborate with:

  • Ellie Kealey
  • Alex Kealey
  • Qais Shahghasy
  • Zia Maliky
  • Adam Nicholas
  • Jason Beard
  • Ann Procter
  • Alex Footman
  • Jules Callis
  • Jake Simkin
  • David Gill
  • Humayun Zadran
  • Miriam Arghandiwal
  • Elijah Berry
  • Warren Buttery
  • Archibald Gallet
  • Andreas Stefansson
  • Ruth Owen
  • Jelena Bjelica
  • Alina Zaiceva
  • Izzy Brown
  • Asat Nurmatov

If you would like to work with any of these people, please send an email to

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